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St. Bees School Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activitiesAt St Bees we believe in developing our pupils into rounded young adults. To this end we encourage our pupils to grab every opportunity offered to them with open arms.
Our aim is to stimulate pupils with a range of activities beyond the traditional sports.

Every pupil in the first two years follows a short ten week outdoor pursuit course. These courses are designed to challenge them, while encouraging self-confidence and self-reliance through tackling often unfamiliar and exciting activities. These include hill-walking, climbing, abseiling, canoeing, gorge-scrambling, navigation and camping. An option in outdoor pursuits is also available as part of the senior games programme.

Extra curricular activities

A Combined Cadet Force (CCF), comprising Army and Royal Air Force Sections, operates within the School for pupils in the Third Form (Year 9) and above. This offers the opportunity to experience activities such as shooting, flying and gliding and to sign up for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. In the Fifth Form (Year 11), pupils may opt to undertake a Community Service option instead of the CCF.

Pupils from the First Year (Year 7) to the Fifth Year (Year 11) are expected to get involved in extra curricular activities. Sixth form are also encouraged to take part whether it is as an organiser, helper or participant.

Extra curricular activities

Whilst we operate a 5 day week, in many instances pupils are involved 6 or 7 days a week because they participate in fixtures, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, play rehearsals or separate weekend activities. Boarders also attend a chapel service most Sundays.

Extra curricular activitiesCharity plays an integral part of the school and each year events are held to raise money for the Schools charities. Last year a considerable amount of money was raised for the local Mountain Rescue Team and Whitehaven Rungwe Community Project. This year the chosen School charities are the West Cumbrian branch of The Samaritans as the local charity and 'Every Child' as the international charity.

At St. Bees we believe in the education of the whole person. The extra curricular activities are an important part of the school and aim to develop pupils' talents and interests. The activities take place after school between 16.15 and 17:00. Year 7 through to 10 are expected to take part in activities every day whilst Year 11 choose just 3 activities a week. Whilst we offer a great variety of activities a few students continue with activities outside of school such as scouts during this time with full support from the school. Many of the sixth formers help out with activities or even run their own. Right: Cheque Presentation to Mountain Rescue Team


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